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Swimming in the Lusatian Lakeland

In the developing lake area of Lusatia many new bath places are created in the next years.

But already today some lakes invite for bathing and relaxing with attractive and partially natural beaches. The Senftenberger See offers very good possibilities for dabbling, swimming or sun bathing at several bank ranges. At the green bank areas of the dam Talsperre Spremberg and the Grünewalder Lauch guests are finding swimming possibilities to relax for years.

The newer lakes are Geierswalder See, Gräbendorfer See, Dreiweiberner See as well as Bärwalder See are already approved for swimming in evident bank sections. Everyone has to follow the signs of the mining redevelop company (LMBV), because not yet all bank areas of the lakes are reorganized and thus partially still ship-endangered.