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Motorboat, raft, funsport

Enjoy your life!

Who is looking for action and funsport is right at some waters of the Lusatian Lakeland. The pallet of the water action offers reach from rapid trips with Jetski or Waterski, Monoski, Trickski up to surfboard, wakeboard and wakeskates.

Who loves the speed should not hesitate to grab the chance to train waterskiing and wakeboarding in the  Lusatian Lakeland. The Geierswalder See offers with the Jetski and Waterski-school best conditions for it. Jetski fans are able to train here even with world champions. Further funsport-highlights are annually Jetboat-events, which lure many active sportler and spectators to the Geierswalder See. For water-fun-sportler the Bärwalder See developes to an important place.

At Lake Senftenberger See you can rent a raft to explore on your own the new Lakeland.

Naturally you can also explore the district of the Lusatian Lakeland comfortably or sportily by motorboat. On the Geierswalder See, Partwitzer and Bärwalder See it is possibly to drive your motorboat in proven lake-areas. On the Senftenberger See a speed of 12 km/h is permitted. At some waters, for example at the Geierswalder See you can rent motorboats and Partyboats.