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+ Senftenberg Fortressv © Museum OSL
+ © Lower Lusatian Heath Museum

Museums in the Lusatian Lakeland

Everywhere in the Lusatian Lakeland you’ll see history and signs of the mining industry whether in the first German garden city called “Marga” in Brieske (local part of the city of Senftenberg) or in the smaller garden cities Lauta and Laubusch. These ones are formed with the industrialization of the mining industry and offer each visitor views of the living and working sphere at the beginning of the 19th century.

Looking for history you can find many museums in the Lusatian Lakeland, like the mining industry museums in Lusatia – the energy factory in Knappenrode. In the factory buildings you can smell freshly pressed briquettes.
Here you can find which you do not find European-wide anymore: a nearly complete historical technology to produce briquettes. This exhibition will be completed by many exhibition- and experience ranges.

You can view into the early history in the 400 years old Senftenberg Fortress. You will also find the museum, gallery and art collection of Lusatia with works of the paintings, artworks and plastics of artists from this region. Particularly important is the clinker-plastic “Bettler” by Ernst Barlach which is placed in the court yard.

The art depot in Lauchhammer invites with an extensive collection of submittals and models for the casting of figures and monuments. Likewise you will find many utensils from the art casting of iron.