min -6°C max 2°C
Stärke: 3Bft
aus Südwest
+ F60 visitor mine © Hartmut Rauhut
+ Krabat Mill in Schwarzkollm © Archiv TMGS/ Rainer Weisflog
+ © Findlingspark Nochten


Discover an unusual landscape and experience the monuments of the industrial culture of Lusatia. The mining industry and coal production shaped the area of Lusatia since the middle of the 19th century. In former times. The monumental buildings and fascinating constructions of the domestic energy industry were locked for the broad public. Today some old power stations and briquette factories became experiencable for the visitors of the Lusatian Lakeland. The mute, technical witnesses of the mining industry received a second life as landmarks, museums or places of events. At the same time they offer an impressing backdrop for historical memory.

And do not forget to experience the traditions and customs of the domestic Slavic people of the region. There is much space for creatively and thinking, for spare time and recovery.

Use the possibility to enjoy this impressive development of our region.