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The Lusatian Lakeland offer unique possibilities for Skater. Some lakes order about continuous, asphalted cycle tracks which invite Skaters. Particularly favourable is the broadness of the new lake cycle tracks which amount 3.5 meters at the average. Cyclists and Skater do not disturb each other. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on those tracks.

Circular asphalt paths (also suitable for in-line skaters) around a number of lakes, e.g.:

And it is getting better! In the next years the roas network is continued to improve and enlarge. Beside the tracks the service for Skater is also to grow. A proof that many Skater-friends already discovered the Lusatian Lakeland for themselves are more than 2.000 active sportler who participate enthusiastically during the largest sport event, called Seenland 100, every year.