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Nature experience

Discovery of a second-hand landscape

The recultivated mining area of the Lusatian Lakeland offer optimal chances to receive this landscape for threatened animals and plants.
In the landscapes resulted form the brown coal promotion many rare animals and plants settle which already disappeared in the surrounding culture landscape. These unique wilderness areas are secured on a long term basis and maintained in its characteristic in conformity with tourism, agriculture and trade.

Excursions with nature guides about themes like bird world, nature protection and forest conservation in the Lusatian Lakeland provide an unforgettable nature experience to all guests. The recultivated mining areas invite people with their magical attractions. Whether by walking, by bike, by horse or carriage, nowhere else the change from the coal mining area to an attractive landscape is much more impressive.

The well-known Lausitzer wolves discovered this unique second-hand landscape for theirselves. In the forest areas of the Lusatian Lakeland and close to the actively mining the shy animal has found a new home. Guidance about themes “wolves in the area of Lusatia” are offered by expert personnel and are a real nature experience to all guests.